New features in next major release – Java FX 8.0

Please find the list of new features which will be released in Java FX 8.0. The developer preview release should be out in 1st week of September 2013. The final release candidate should be out sometime in January 2014.

Introduction of Swing Node:

This node allows us to integrate Java Swing components in side Java FX. As of now, the opposite is possible i.e. integrating Java FX components inside Java Swing using JFXPanel container. Introduction of this node facilitates the smooth migration of applications from Java Swing to Java FX.

Event Dispatch Thread and JavaFX Application Thread will merge:

Java FX Thread and Event Dispatch Thread will be merged in JavaFX 8.0 . However, this feature is going to be experimental and must be turned on explicitly. Definitely, this will reduce the amount of coding required when application is built with Swing and FX components.

New Look and Feel – Modena:

A new look and feel will be introduced called Modena with significant look and feel changes. This look and feel has stunning borders, colors, shades and highlights. Overview of these look and feel changes can be read here:

Rich Text Support:

Introduction of rich text support allows the styling of text associated with FX UI components. Styling includes applying several effects and transforms to words. In addition, text attributes can be controlled form CSS files. A sample tutorial can be found here:

Printing Support in FX:

A simpler printer API will be released as part of 8.0 compared to Swing printing API. Java FX printing API is capable of printing any Java FX node, includes Web View nodes, with appropriate scaling. A detailed tutorial can be found here:

Tree Table Control:

A new control Tree Table will be released as part of FX API in 8.0. This control is really helpful when a data model needs to be displayed in a Tree Table format i.e. Trade Book, Position Keeper etc. This view control can be viewed as functional as a combination of TableView and a TreeView. Detailed tutorial can be found here:


In addition to these, there are a lot of other enhancements to 3D API, Web View,  Date Picker controls, and support for Audio & Video recording etc. This page will be updated as we find more features.


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